Sunday, April 1, 2012


The scarves below are destined for the Melbourne Scarf Festival, the theme of which, for 2012, is Journey.

The Festival will be held from 16th June to 2nd September at the National Wool Museum in Geelong.

Wedding Scarf
The design for this scarf references the borders of Gujarati wedding quilts which were pieced together from a wide variety of silk brocades as if for use as a sampler.
It is of hand felted merino wool on a background of tissue silk, overlayed with a strip of hand dyed bandhani (tied and dyed) sourced in Bhuj, Gujarat, India, as well as one of hand dyed tissue silk.

Gujarat by Rail
This scarf recalls a time spent travelling by rail in northern India. Long journeys with the locals offered an insight into family life and cultural differences, in particular the food, often shared, prepared for the trip.
It is hand felted using bandhani (tied and dyed) cotton fabric sourced in Mandvi, Gujarat, India, and merino wool.

Bodnath Stupa, Nepal.
Tibetan Buddhists flock to this pilgrimage site to circumambulate the famous landmark. They chant mantras counted on prayer beads, thereby gaining merit for a prosperous life.
The colour scheme is derived from blanket skirts worn by the women of one particular tribe encountered there.
The scarf is hand felted in merino wool and incorporates yarn spun from the ends of the sari loom and sourced in Kathmandu.

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