Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Spring/Summer 2011 - 2012

Brown Squares Scarf, hand felted merino wool on china blue tissue silk.

Red Squares Scarf, hand felted merino wool on brown tissue silk.

Blue Squares Scarf, hand felted merino wool on white tissue silk.

#4 Road Trip

Scarf of hand felted tissue silk with merino/silk roving, hand dyed with bark, leaves, stems, buds and flowers of a yellow flowering gum collected while waiting for a flat tyre to be fixed at Copley, SA.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mandala Mat Workshop with Martien van Zuilen


With Martien, I was lucky to have the opportunity to "learn to make a hand-felted rug inspired by the traditional art and design of the ‘Mandala’. Loosely translated to mean 'circle', a Mandala represents wholeness and balance; its symbolism appears in many cultures and aspects of life.

I explored felt-specific techniques for surface design and texture, including colour blending, pattern inlay, shading, and the effects of using simple stitch and incorporated a variety of fibres, pre-felts and yarns. This class guided students through the stages and process of colour use & effect, design, and mark-making in felt to create individual rugs." (from Martien's course description)

see www.martienvanzuilen.com