Saturday, December 21, 2013

Rainbow Birds

Scarf of hand felted merino wool and  Alpaca Ready-Spin, as well as highlight of Alpaca and mohair blend. ( 164 x 21 cms).





Sunday, December 15, 2013

Rainbow pre felt for Rainbow Birds

Merry Christmas

Hand felted merino wool with Finn wool trees and crochet snowflakes.

Fan Coral Scarf

Hand felted merino wool on a layer of fine tissue silk, overlaid with design in alpaca yarn and tissue silk selvedges.

For Jill...

Friday, December 6, 2013

BRAG "Off the Wall" Summer Exhibition

 BRAG  ‘Off the Wall’  Summer Exhibition
Opening Night & Christmas party
Thursday 12 Dec, from 6.30pm
Thurs 12 Dec - Mon 27 Jan, Weekends 10am-3pm
The Braidwood Regional Arts Group's first summer exhibition. ‘Off the Wall’ is an exhibition that will allow purchaser’s to take their artworks with them immediately, as Christmas gifts or souvenirs of their summer trip through Braidwood. A Christmas Gift Sales table will be available for BRAG members work priced under $100.

Details: or

Image: detail, South Coast, Jack Featherstone

My entries:

Geometry and Gesture #1

Geometry and Gesture #2

And Gesture

Christmas Party @ the Fire Shed

Donations for the raffle:

Hand felted silk and wool scarf hand dyed with E. cinerea leaves after dyeing in an immersion bath of brown onion skins, and

Hand felted silk and merino wool, "Cherry Blossom" scarf.