Saturday, July 16, 2011

Soft Orange Coral

Ready for Spring, a lightweight hand felted scarf in hand dyed tissue silk and merino wool.


West MacDonnell Ranges and Dry Creek Bed
Hand felted merino wool and silk with hand stitching.
(10cm x 10cm)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ecodyeing demystified.

I had a great opportunity last week to learn about ecodyeing from Sandra, a natural. She has committed to memory so many plants, where to find them, as well as the results obtained when using them in different seasons and whether used fresh, dried or frozen.

This first one was done using two different coloured roses, petunias and iris, all frozen last summer. I laid out a piece of white tissue silk with one layer of merino and silk roving. This was rolled and fulled before placing the flowers on in a concertina fold, tied around a rusted metal bar and boiled up in a cast iron pot for a little over an hour.

The small scarf below is a pre-hemmed silk scarf laid out with dried cinerea eucalyptus (Argyle apple) leaves, then rolled around a chromed pipe, tied and boiled.