Sunday, August 28, 2011

For Art's Sake 2011

Disability support group FRANS will hold an anonymous Art Exhibition & Fundraiser at Sydney College of the Arts, Rozelle from Wednesday 28 September - Saturday 1 October.

In past years the event has featured over 400 canvases by a range of artists of varying skills and background, all for sale at the same starting price. Professional and emerging artists, celebrities, hobbyists and people with a disability were asked to create and donate works for the exhibition.

Entrants were provided with a blank canvas on which to paint, draw, paste, plaster, sculpt or sew.

I chose to hand felt a landscape entitled Afternoon Walk - Budawang, using hand dyed tissue silk and merino wool and silk rovings, which was then stretched over the canvas.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Neptune's Garden

Volutidae (Velutoconus Bednalli) is long scarf in hand felted merino wool and silk embellishment on tissue silk.

"Marine Elements" is a large kerchief of hand felted merino wool, merino yarn and hand dyes tissue silk.

These pieces, along with the Soft Orange Coral, Fan Coral and Kelp and Shell Neckpiece, will be on show at the studio@flinders gallery, Mornington Peninsula, Vic. in September.

They reflect an appreciation of the colours, textures and vitality of the sea as a natural force.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kelp and shell neckpiece.

Hand felted merino wool, shells attached with hand stitching and button closure

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A scarf for Celia

Celia is an artist who just does it. No planning, no design. She follows an idea. At the moment she's wearing a hand knitted cardigan which is a "work in progress".

I saw the variegated wool I've used in this scarf for her and it reminded me very much of the warm earthy tones she favours. When I began to make it, I decided to follow her method of working and see where it led me.

I hand dyed the tissue silk in the microwave, then laid out all the wool I had in random stripes. I like the way the wool shirrs the silk.

Fan coral

Merino wool, alpaca yarn and tissue silk selvedges hand felted on black tissue silk.