Thursday, March 3, 2011

Royal Canberra Show, 2011.

Hand felted item for the body - First Prize, the colours of Volutidae, a shell of the species, Volutoconus Bednalli, are captured in this hand felted silk chiffon and merino wool wrap.

Australiana - Any article of Felting depicting our Australian landscape - Third Prize, feather hat inspired by the poem "Bellbirds" by Henry Kendall (1839-1882), merino wool, hand stitched with embroidery cotton and sculpted with wire.
Judge's comments - "reflects theme, feathers exceptional."

Hand felted original item including recycled materials - First Prize, using merino wool and hand crocheted doilies by Gerritje Mertens.
Judge's comments - "good attachment of recycled items and use of colour."

Prizes in these three classes led to the award of 2011 Champion in the Professional Section for the second year in a row.

Photos by Kelly.

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