Friday, July 23, 2010

Some shapes, patterns and colours brought back from the remote island of Hoga, located off the south-east coast of Sulawesi, Indonesia. It's an island situated close to one of the best reefs in the region for diving and snorkeling.

Despite bombing of the reef being the preferred method of fishing some 15 years ago, it continues to provide a rich habitat for a wide variety of tropical marine life. The colours and their combinations are an inspiration for transformation into pieces using wool and silk.

Of particular interest to me is the shell on the bottom right, with it's extensions, as well as another shell - hydatina hydatis - I spotted in a reference book, a picture of which showed parts of the body of the shellfish - lanaellae - extended outside of it's shell, waving around like silk in the wind.

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matt@machine said...

i like the top right one because the colours are more defined....lovely teardrops...