Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Royal Canberra Show & Crafts Expo, 2010

Entered in the category, "Hand felted original item in recycled material" is "80's Revival" - a hand felted wrap using a recycled Indian cotton voile sarong designed by Susan Howard for Amnesty International, and merino wool.

For the Special Challenge - Australiana: any article of Felting depicting our Australian Flora and/or fauna, I have entered "Volutidae : Paramoria guntheri, distribution Southern Australia, merino, mohair and silk chiffon hand felted kerchief (44 x 44cms).


matt@machine said...

hi lis.... i especially like the kerchief.....i googled the Paramoria guntheri cause i didnt know what it was and now i know.....those lines on those shells are beautiful....and so are the ones on your work....

Lis Mertens Feltmaker said...

Thanks matt. I've been picking shells up from beaches over the world for most of my life and find the natural patterns unbeatable.
I particularly wanted to attempt to recreate some Volutidae shells in felt because they are becoming quite rare.